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Battles – Gloss Drop - 2011

New York City’s experimental rock group Battles will release their second full-length studio album, ‘Gloss Drop’ this 3rd June on WARP through Inertia. The highly anticipated record is a hybrid of genres and involves an outstanding array of collaborations. Contrasting complex and counter melodies in fiendishly interwoven rounds, Gloss Drop is a rock unit which manages to juxtapose tribal rhythms and carnivale music alongside tactile funk and reinterpreted dance beats. Reaching across all corners of the globe, the new album features contributions from well respected artists such as the UK’s Synth-pop pioneer Gary Numan, Chilean born minimal techno producer Matias Aguayo, the frontman of Japanese Alt-rock band The Boredoms, Yamantaka Eye, and from their very own NYC, Kazu Makino of cult indie rock trio Blonde Redhead.

Release Name: Battles-Gloss_Drop-2011
Label: Warp Records / Beat Records
Genere: Indie
Quality: 250 Kbps Avg
Size: 110,6 MB
Playing Time: 61:42 min

Track List:

01. Africastle 05:48
02. Ice Cream (Feat. Matias Aguayo) 04:37
03. Futura 06:18
04. Inchworm 04:52
05. Wall Street 05:25
06. My Machines (Feat. Gary Numan) 03:55
07. Dominican Fade 01:49
08. Sweetie And Shag 03:50
09. Toddler 01:11
10. Rolls Bayce 02:06
11. White Electric 06:15
12. Sundome (Feat. Yamantaka Eye) 07:51
13. Sundome (Instrumental) 07:45

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