martes, 10 de mayo de 2011

Swimming With Dolphins ft Mod Sun – Good Times -2011

Swimming With Dolphins used to be a side project of Adam Young/Owl City’s with a friend, but when Owl City got big and he got signed, he had to drop it and left his friend running the show. His friend, Austin Tofte is still going strong with Swimming With Dolphins, and he’s releasing a new album this year! This is the second song we’ve got to hear off the album, and it features hip-hop/rapper Mod Sun (Who?). I’ll admit, it’s a little copying of Owl City’s Alligator Sky with Shawn Chrystopher, but unlike “Alligator Sky”, this actually sounds really good. Call me crazy, but I think SWD just passed Owl City as far as what I’ve heard this year. Don’t miss this pop/Owl City fans!

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