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Young Legionnaire – Crisis Works - 2011

Young Legionnaire are a new UK-based outfit featuring members of Bloc Party and The Automatic. Their debut album, Crisis Works, is at its best when adopting the stop-start-shout dynamic which so much embodies the post-hardcore genre, such as on opener ‘Twin Victory’. The band lose their way a little on the mellower tracks, but have the knack of popping up with a surprising stoner rock riff or technical bit of lead. On the whole, the album is a little confused and inconsistent, at times reminiscent of Quicksand or Rival Schools, but then slides into a full-on pop song on the next track. It’s not a bad album, but screams of a band that needs to focus their sound.

Release Name: Young_Legionnaire-Crisis_Works-2011-404
Genre: Indie
Label: Wichita
Quality: EAC Secure Mode / LAME 3.98.4 / -V0 / 44.100Khz
Size: 89.94 MB
Release Year: 2011-05-06

Track List:

01. Twin Victory 3:19
02. Numbers 3:21
03. Chapter, Verse 5:16
04. Even The Birds 3:50
05. Black Lions 3:29
06. A Hole In The World 4:43
07. These Arms 3:30
08. Blood Dance 3:22
09. Nova Scotia 3:49
10. Mortgage Rock 3:32
11. Youth Salute 3:06
12. Futures Finished 3:26

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