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Queen - News of the World -Deluxe Edt. Remastered -iTunes

As an album News of the World has its good and bad moments, more good than bad though. Its starts off with 2 songs (for the record, songs that don’t sound like other queen songs such as body language or radio gaga) these songs are popular and set the album up, but it’s the album tracks that make this album.. Spread your wings (I know got some kind of release) is a lovely little number which is preceded by mays 'all dead, all dead' another lovely haunting number. 'Get down make love' is different in so many ways as anyone who actually listened to the album will tell you. It’s a dirty gritty bass heavy track, with a good hook. Deacon's who needs you a homage to the girl you can no longer be bothered with is another delightful track that leads into 'its late' which is queen doing what they do. Playing instruments well and delivering... The final track is just mercury sat at his piano singing in his beautiful voice slightly tongue in cheek but that was Queen and if you don’t get that then don’t listen...by Martin Wilson
Track List:
News of the World (Deluxe Edition)(Remastered) - iTunes LP
01 We Will Rock You
02 We Are The Champions
03 Sheer Heart Attack
04 All Dead, All Dead
05 Spread Your Wings
06 Fight From The Inside
07 Get Down, Make Love
08 Sleeping On The Sidewalk
09 Who Needs You
10 It’s Late
11 My Melancholy Blues
01 Feelings Feelings (Take 10, July 1977)
02 Spread Your Wings (BBC Session, October 1977)
03 My Melancholy Blues (BBC Session, October 1977)
04 Sheer Heart Attack (Live in Paris, February 1979)
05 We Will Rock You (Fast) (Live in Tokyo, November 1982)
06 My Melancholy Blues (Live At the Summit, 1977) (Video)
07 Sheer Heart Attack (Live At Hammersmith, 1979) (Video)
08 We Will Rock You (Queen Rocks Version, 1998) (Video)

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