jueves, 2 de septiembre de 2010

Royksopp - Senior - NEW ALBUM!!!!! 2010

Senior, the fourth LP from Norwegian electro-duo Royksopp, is described as a moodier sibling to 2009’s upbeat, hook-heavy Junior. Senior willplay dark to Junior’s light. Originally intended for a late 2009 release, Royksopp pushed Senior’s release date to 2010 in fear that the latter might infringe upon the former’s highly successful sales. Details about Senior have been kept under tight wraps, but rumor has it that fans can expect a more instrumental-heavy album, thick with atmosphere and mood.

1 … And the Forest Began to Sing
2 Tricky Two
3 The Alcoholic
4 Senior Living
5 The Drug
6 Forsaken Cowboy
7 The Fear
8 Coming Home
9 A Long, Long Way

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