martes, 19 de abril de 2011

iTunes SiNGLES PACK VOL.09 - Incl. Lady Gaga - Judas -2011

Let’s start this week’s iTunes stuff with a new iTunes Singles Pack. Last weekend, Lady Gaga released the second single “Judas” from her upcoming second studio album “Born This Way”. Written and produced by Lady Gaga and RedOne, “Judas” is a dance song that speaks of a woman in love with a man who betrays her while simultaneously embodying things that have haunted her in the past, thus representing something that was bad for her – something she could not escape. Wonder what kind of music video she will make for this one this time. We will just have to wait and see :)

Other singles in this pack I want to mention are new single “Penguin” from pop singer Christina Perri; college student Sam Tsui’s own original song “Don’t Want An Ending”; English rock band Def Leppard’s new single “Undefeated”; Estonian recording artist Kerli’s new single “Army of Love”; and rapper Lil Wayne’s new single “If I Die Today”.

Track List:

01 Aubrey O’Day – Automatic (2011)
02 Birdman – I Get Money (feat. MackMaine, Lil Wayne & T-Pain) (2011)
03 Chain and the Gang – Bill For The Use Of A Body (2011)
04 Christina Perri – Penguin (2011)
05 Def Leppard – Undefeated (2011)
06 Kerli – Army of Love (2011)
07 Lady Gaga – Judas (2011)
08 Lil Wayne – If I Die Today (feat. Rick Ross) (2011)
09 Sam Tsui – Don’t Want An Ending (2010)
10 The Republic Tigers – Merrymake It With Me (2011

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