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Musiq Soulchild - Musiq In The Magiq - 2011

2011 release, the sixth album from the Soul/R&B sensation. Musiqinthemagiq is being heralded by the Jerry Wonda-produced, Swizz Beatz-featured first single, “Anything,” and features production from some of music’s top producers including Jerry Wonda, The Stereotypes, Element and more. In addition to being one of R&B’s most successful and favored artists, Musiq, who has been influenced by everyone from George Clinton to Ray Charles, has also been known to show off his unique artistic personality with his creative use of capitalization, punctuation, and spelling, which can be seen in the titles of his singles and his albums.

Release Name: Musiq_Soulchild-MusiqInTheMagiq-2011
Genre: R&B/Soul
Label: Atlantic
Quality: LAME v3.98.4 -V 0
Size: 79.36MB
Release Year: 2011

Track List:

01. anything (feat. Swizz Beatz)
02. single
03. sayido
04. lovecontract
05. silver&gold
06. waitingstill
07. backtowhere
08. dowehaveto
09. befriends
10. yes
11. medicine
12. likethesun

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