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The Wombats – This Modern Glitch - Limited Edition 2011

2011 sophomore album from the Britpop/Alt-Rock trio. This Modern Glitch was recorded through 2010 over three sessions with separate producers, all in L.A. First, Jacknife Lee brought his precise technological nous, followed by Eric Valentine who helped the band put together ‘Tokyo (Vampires And Wolves)’ and ‘Techno Fan’. Muse knob-twiddler Rich Costey joined forces with additional creative input from TV On The Radio’s Dave Sitek and John Hill (Santogold, M.I.A., Devo) to complete a record that will shock, impress and spin opinion on this most uncompromising of 21st century pop bands. The album even finds rooms for a guest appearance courtesy of Jane’s Addiction guitarist Dave Navarro on ‘Girls/Fast Cars’. Warner.

Release Name: The_Wombats-This_Modern_Glitch-(Limited_Edition)-2011-SiRE
Label: 14th Floor
Genere: Indie
Quality: 258kbit av
Size: 93.76 MB
Playing Time: 48:15 min

Track List:

01. Our Perfect Disease 3:44
02. Tokyo (Vampires And Wolves) 3:45
03. Jump Into The Fog 3:52
04. Anti-D 4:41
05. Last Night I Dreamt… 3:32
06. Techno Fan 3:59
07. 1996 4:20
08. Walking Disasters 4:17
09. Girls/Fast Cars 3:35
10. Schumacher The Champion 4:50
11. Tokyo (Vampires And Wolves) (Acoustic Version) 3:57
12. Jump Into The Fog (Acoustic Version) 3:43

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