martes, 5 de abril de 2011

Nick Carter – Im Taking Off - HOT NEW ALBUM!! 2011

Almost ten years after his solo debut, Nick Carter finally got around to releasing a second album in 2011. I’m Taking Off is something of a misleading title: if Carter’s career outside the Backstreet Boys was going to take off, it would have by 2011. Instead, he’s riding a wave created by Ryan Tedder, doing his best to turn I’m Taking Off into a slightly warmer OneRepublic album, thawing the chilly synthesizers but retaining the same glazed blend of R&B beats and soft rock melodies. Carter is better when the tempered glass cracks a little bit, when he dips into a Michael Jackson tribute (”Special”) or when the song’s melodic thrust overshadows the production. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine.

Release Name: Nick_Carter-Im_Taking_Off-2011
Label: Sony Music
Genere: Pop
Quality: 197 Kbps Avg
Size: 66.9 MB
Playing Time: 47:23 min

Track List:

01. Burning Up 03:39
02. Not The Other Guy 02:58
03. So Far Away 03:33
04. Addicted 04:33
05. Special 04:04
06. Falling Down 04:00
07. Just One Kiss 03:33
08. Great Divide 04:09
09. Nothing Left To Lose 04:17
10. Falling In Love Again 03:35
11. Im Taking Off 03:58
12. Jewel In Our Hearts 05:04

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