viernes, 1 de abril de 2011

Sublime – Icon - New Album - 2011

It’s been a long and wild ride since sublime’s first gig way back in 1988 in Long Beach, CA. Their explosive debut not only set off a small-scale riot but also marked the beginning of a rare, genre-busting collaboration. Once known as the “below average garage punk band that every kid wanted to play at his party,” sublime steadily escalated from a group of backyard beer buddies to a renown musical entity. Blending a love of dance-hall and rock-steady reggae rhythms with an aggressive punk ethic, sublime amassed a nearly fanatical Southern California following that would do just about anything to catch one of their blistering sets.

Track List:

1. Greatest Hits
2. Date Rape
3. Badfish
4. Smoke Two Joints
5. Doin Time (Original Mix)
6. Scarlet Begonias
7. Saw Red
8. What I Got (Reprise)
9. Wrong Way
10. Santeria
11. Caress Me Down
12. Superstar Punani

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