jueves, 31 de marzo de 2011

The Bangerz - Jabbawockeez - Mus.I.C Soundtrack- iTunes

The soundtrack to the Jabbawockeez Las Vegas show Mus.I.C has been released today! The music was created by The Bangerz out in the San Francisco Bay Area. Here’s the listing for the 14 track album:

1. Mus.I.C
2. Devastating Stereo
3. Robot Remains
4. The Bumrush
5. Free Falling
6. Inferno
7. Would You
8. Sleep Wockin
9. The Jabba Rock
10. Without You
11. Emancipation 2
12. Choose Someone
13. Lose Your Mind
14. Noize

This is some sick electronica/hip hop dance music. See why Jabbawockeez x The Bangerz make such a deadly duo. Furthermore, listen to why the Jabbawockeez teamed up with The Bangerz crew (Cutso, G-Wrex, Goldenchyld, Nick Ngo, Replay, and Squareweezy.) Cop the Mus.I.C. album

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