miércoles, 30 de marzo de 2011

Mateo – Love & Stadiums - NEW RELEASE!!! 2011

Mateo also concluded a month of dope releases (including the all-caps favorite "Power" featuring Pusha T & Ab-Liva) with the full mixtape, Love & Stadiums, as presented by frequent Alicia Keys collaborator Kerry "Krucial" Brothers.

UPDATED COMMENTARY: If you liked "Power", you will most likely vibe with the rest of the mixtape as well. It is filled with reinterpretations along the same lines as "Power" - all featuring similar characteristics: new sound, production, and lyrics that occasionally delve into some of the iconic moments of the original. The other Kanye West redux notables are "Runaway" (featuring a dope verse from Gilbere Forte')and "Say You Will", both of which are very strong. In addition, Mateo does his thing on "A Milli", "Bad Romance", "Empire State Of Mind", and even the 1986 #1 hit "(I Just) Died In Your Arms", hah! I love the variety and the original style Mateo exhibits on not only the reinterpretations but other songs like "Get To Know Me" and "3 Peat". The final product is an enjoyable and entertaining listen all the way through from the fast-rising R&B singer so I wouldn't sleep on it above.

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