martes, 22 de marzo de 2011

E-40 – Revenue Retrievin’ Overtime Shift - 2011

01. Mr. Flamboyant 2k11
02. Drugs (Ft. B-Legit)
03. Hillside
04. Gunz
05. Slow It Down (Ft. J. Stalin And Decadez)
06. Me And My Bitch
07. Beastin’
08. My Money Straight (Ft. Guce And Black C Of R.B.L. Posse)
09. I Love My Momma (Ft. R.O.D. And Mic Conn)
10. I Am Your (Ft. Droop-E And Laroo T.H.H.)
11. In The Morning (Ft. Beeda Weeda And Work Dirty Of The DB’z)
12. Punkin’ Em Out
13. Born In The Struggle (Ft. Dr. Cornel West And Mike Marshall)
14. Fuck Em’
15. Rear View Mirror (Ft. B-Legit And Stresmatic)
16. Lookin’ Back (Ft. Devin The Dude)
17. Stay Gone
18. Movin’ Organized Business (M.O.B.)
19. Tired Of Selling Yola
20. Click About It (Ft. Harm From Da Rich And Bosko)


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